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Team Ecuador THP 2017 had an AMAZING experience in Misahualli, Ecuador.  We spent four days working in various capacities to help the Antioch Christian Academy and to provide medical care for villages in the area. We have so many emotions as we reflect on what God did through us during our four days serving those in Ecuador.

The construction crew made great progress on the new middle school at Antioch Christian Academy. The entire team, at one time or another, came together to help meet a looming deadline that, hopefully, will ensure that the school opens in August.

We experienced people and situations that we could never have imagined. But, we all stepped out on faith and carried out some pretty extraordinary work to help the school, the students, and the Misahualli community. It wasn’t easy. It was hard work. But everyone jumped in and used their spiritual gifts and talents to get the job done.

One of the best parts of the trip was the friendships we made. We had a mighty group of nearly 30 people from different parts of the country with different personal and professional backgrounds. We worked well together and we accomplished much while having a good time.

Thank you, Curt Holland, Ashley Murphy and Walter and Barbara Hosiner, for being our fearless leaders. The trip was so worth it and you provided us with a once-in-a-lifetime experience! Now, we must decide how we will proceed. How will we serve in the future? What opportunities will God provide for us? What will we do with those opportunities?

Team Ecuador THP 2017 has now transitioned back into our everyday lives — forever changed by our Ecuadorian experience!

Angela E. contributor

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