The Hanna Project is a NGO that exists to bring HELP, HOPE, and HEALING to those in need around the world. We focus on meeting practical needs and providing direct solutions to real problems.




Hear From Our Past THP Members!

I have been going to Bulgaria for over 10 years and the people know us. We have developed a relationship with them and they want us to come back. Every time we’re there, we do some kind of community work for their city and they appreciate that and we’ve developed a good relationship with them.”

– Darren Walker, THP Bulgaria

I have been on trips to two countries in Central Asia and three trips to Cote d’Iviore, Africa. Each one has been a little different but some things are common.

  • Learn culture differences. Enjoy laughs when you don’t pour tea correctly or when you say “good evening” in your new language and it is morning.

  • Meet instant friends. Not only are your new team mates friends, those you are working along side on the project will quickly become friends. Some for a lifetime. You look forward to seeing them each time you go back. Some have internet capability occasionally and keep in contact throughout the year.

The most meaningful experiences are helping someone who would not otherwise be able to accomplish the work or it would be much more difficult without the Hanna Project’s help.

Very little skill was needed for most of the work we did while working with THP.  The few things I didn’t know how to do I was quickly taught and they were easily learned. 

I hope you will consider going on a Hanna Project Trip. It will change your life.

Why would you want to give up a chance to help people who so need you? Can you give up a small amount of your time to help someone who is working so hard but could use a hand? How about bringing a smile to someone who has little to smile about?  If excuses are keeping you from going, I have answers for those.  Don’t let that keep you home.”

– Joan Wilson, THP Ivory Coast and Central Asia

My first time traveling outside the US was with THP going to Ecuador. I had attempted to be part of a short term humanitarian trip for years, willing to go anywhere. Major life changers (like having a baby) would change the plan every time. I began to think that serving as a nurse in a resource-poor area outside my own country would not happen. I did not know why I would have this desire, if not to act on it. Finally, in 2018, my husband and I were able to go to Ecuador with THP, and nothing stood in our way. 

While there, my husband and the construction team were able to build an awning to shelter the school children at Antioch Academy from the daily rains and intense sun when they walked to classes. The medical team and I, along with interpreters with JKC, were able to treat and provide relief to approximately 300 underserved in the local villages.  Partnering with others helped us bring help, hope, and healing to a forgotten area.”

– Carol Duncan, THP Ecuador


Our Services

If you are currently a health professional, in school to be, or have a background in healthcare we would love for you to come with us to provide help to those in need! Our medically focused trips are as follows…

  • Ecuador (Clinics in the jungle)

  • Central Asia (Eye clinics)

If you are currently working in construction, have worked in construction, or have a background in construction we would love for you to come with us to provide help to those in need! Our construction focused trips are as follows…

  • Ivory Coast (renovations to the Miley Hospital) 

  • Ecuador (buildings around the campus of Antioch Academy)

  • Central Asia (working with Hope Projects)

  • Dominican Republic 

If you are currently a teacher, in school to be a teacher, or have a background in teaching we would love for you to come with us to provide help to those in need! Our projects focused on educating the community are as follows…

  • India

  • Ivory Coast

  • Ecuador

  • Central Asia

  • Bulgaria

If you are currently working in community outreach, have worked in community outreach, or have a passion for those around you we would love for you to come with us to provide help to those in need! Our outreach focused trips are as follows…

  • Ecuador

  • Central Asia

  • Bulgaria

  • Bulgaria – Operation Christmas Child

Field Workers