Ivory Coast ’16 – Surgery

The former Dr. and the visiting Surgeon, left early Saturday, to make the long trek up country to the hospital in Doropo! They really did bring HELP, HOPE and HEALING with their efforts and from HIS favor!


  • Kenneth Eagleton
  • Mason Mandy (surgeon)
  • Coulibaly (nurse anesthetist from Abidjan)
  • Jeremy (nurse working near Abidjan and secretary of BERACA – Ivorian NGO and partner with The Hanna Project)


  • Train Doropo hospital doctor in surgical techniques (this objective was hampered by the fact that the local doctor took another job and there is presently no doctor working there).
  • Help the population by providing needed surgeries

Dr. Mason had several “firsts” and unique experiences in the Operating Room:

Saw the largest hernias and hydroceles he had ever seen.

Did surgery on his first case with active Tuberculosis.

Did surgery on his first case with positive malaria test.

Did his first surgery with use of cell phone flashlight during a power outage during surgery.

Operated for the first time with the use of reusable sterile gowns and drapes.

The pictures can speak for themselves of the success and partnership The Hanna Project has with the hospital in Doropo and BERACA.  In 2017, a container full of medical supplies needs to be sent to the Ivory Coast, along with another surgery/medical team!

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