Hope Centers in KZ

Hope Centers in KZ

Having traveled thousands of miles in just over 24 hours, the five members of THP KZ finally arrived at their destination late in the evening on Saturday, Sept. 2.  “V” is a small city of just over 20,000 residents located in the hot, arid flatland of south central Kazakhstan.  The inhabitants are predominantly ethnic Kazakhs.

Over a delicious lunch and chai, the local leaders began to share with us the vision for their community and their hopes for our time with them.  There are seven schools within the city with over one thousand students each.  The city does not have parks or public venues where young people can gather for fun, safe and wholesome activities.  Theses leaders wanted to establish a Hope Center to provide such a venue and also serve as a critical point of contact for these young people to the Source of eternal hope.  Recently the community was able to purchase a piece of property.   The leaders asked that our team labor with them to construct a sports complex on the property.

The task was daunting, the work was difficult and the time was short but with the help of our God, the vision became reality.

The scarcity of water over time has made the ground hard and resistant to our labor.   But we found that with hard work, determination, cooperation, dedication, and complete dependence on God, the obstacles can be overcome and the impossible can be accomplished.

Our prayer is that the amazing transformation that we witnessed on the grounds of the city of  ‘V’ will be indicative of the miraculous transformation that will occur in the hearts and lives of the Kazakhs as they discover the help, hope and healing for which they thirst.

Danny (team leader)

Hope Centers in TAJIK

Hope Centers in TAJIK

Republic of Tajikistan: children, playground, hope. You will ask what does it mean? They describe the story of how the children found hope in the distant city of “T”. Unexpectedly, a group of people came to the city. There were so many questions: where did they come from, what did they come for, what would they do here? Nobody knew the answers to these questions, everyone just watched what was happening on the abandoned playground.  It was in a very deplorable state: grass overgrown, rusty swings without seats, a football field without gates …The deplorable state was not only on the site. Going inside the building where children live with their parents, you will see a similar picture.  Real life of those in need, dark corridors with peeling walls, terrible smell, lack of water, light that is often turned off. It’s a sad spectacle, but this is the atmosphere in which the children of the broken hostel are growing. Those of this city really feel the need – many did not have teeth and the children wear the same clothes for several days.

Three long, hot days have passed and WHAT do you think happened? Something surprising -the playground has changed very much: there were football gates, basketball rings, new swings, ropes. All this was done by people who came for these three days.

When everything was ready, there was a colorful and fun opening of the site. There were so many things: games, contests, competitions and much attention to these needy children. There was even a clown who participated in everything together with the kids. 120 children and 80 parents, and many more passers-by witnessed this celebration. Watching from the sidelines, everyone was happy in their hearts. Seeing how the children’s faces lit up with such a bright smile, like that of turning on a light in the evening.

Parents approached and thanked these people. But the same question was in their eyes. Why did you do all this? Why here? And all because God prompted these hearts to give hope to these poor children.  It is wonderful that these ordinary people who came from America, KZ, and other cities of Tajik, leaving their families, came to give joy to children. This is evidence of true love.

That in your heart there was always a willingness to give hope to needy people and children. All glories to Him our great Creator! See you soon! (most pictures are not able to be posted because of persecution in this country)

Elijah (team translator)

Places, Faces & Fauna of Ecuador ’17

Places, Faces & Fauna of Ecuador ’17

Home and Changed

Team Ecuador THP 2017 had an AMAZING experience in Misahualli, Ecuador.  We spent four days working in various capacities to help the Antioch Christian Academy and to provide medical care for villages in the area. We have so many emotions as we reflect on what God did through us during our four days serving those in Ecuador.

The construction crew made great progress on the new middle school at Antioch Christian Academy. The entire team, at one time or another, came together to help meet a looming deadline that, hopefully, will ensure that the school opens in August.

We experienced people and situations that we could never have imagined. But, we all stepped out on faith and carried out some pretty extraordinary work to help the school, the students, and the Misahualli community. It wasn’t easy. It was hard work. But everyone jumped in and used their spiritual gifts and talents to get the job done.

One of the best parts of the trip was the friendships we made. We had a mighty group of nearly 30 people from different parts of the country with different personal and professional backgrounds. We worked well together and we accomplished much while having a good time.

Thank you, Curt Holland, Ashley Murphy and Walter and Barbara Hosiner, for being our fearless leaders. The trip was so worth it and you provided us with a once-in-a-lifetime experience! Now, we must decide how we will proceed. How will we serve in the future? What opportunities will God provide for us? What will we do with those opportunities?

Team Ecuador THP 2017 has now transitioned back into our everyday lives — forever changed by our Ecuadorian experience!

Angela E. contributor

Education in Ecuador ’17

Education in Ecuador ’17

The Hanna Project team provided VBS for two days at Antioch Christian Academy. An incredibly special team put together and delivered the program to nearly 50 first and second graders at the academy.  Team Leader Babara Hosiner along with her teammates Lizzie Stevanus, Courtney Anderson, Sabrina Lafferty, Mallorie Bigham, Baylee Freeman, and Kaylee Linnebur provided lessons, games and crafts. The students had lots of energy, but had fun with our team.  James Lafferty gave invaluable ESL (English as a Second Language) lessons to the bi-lingual students at ACA.

Ariadna conducted valuable training to the teachers at ACA during our final afternoon in Misahualli. Classroom discipline, emotional and social concerns were taught and discussed.  She also taught children at the village schools our medical team visited each day of the week.  Using the “Wordless Book” and many colorful illustrations, she shared the GREATEST story of all with the children each day.

Besides medical supplies, Team Ecuador 2017 took gifts with us. Some ladies from AR donated cute pillowcase dresses to the little girls in the villages we visited. Once the dresses were handed out, the little girls put them on immediately over their school uniforms. It was heart-warming watching the little girls try on and model their dresses.

Several families from MO donated nearly 140 baseball caps. They were distributed in the villages and the little boys were thrilled with their new caps.

Our youngest team member (age 6) donated a box full of pencils, which were distributed to children we reached in Ecuador.

Angela E. contributor