On August 27th there will be nearly 20,000 students on the campus quad at the University of Illinois. These students will walk around and check out hundreds of student organizations that have set up booths all around the quad. This is quite the event!

This is one of the most important days of the years for us. Everything begins with this day and then rolls out from there. We will get somewhere around 400 emails from international students on this day. These students become our future English Corner students and our future close friends. We will then email out these students our events starting the following Thursday and see who shows up. We usually have anywhere from 75 to 100 students that come to our opening cook out who we met at Quad Day.

This day is so exciting because it is filled with so much potential for the school year. We have had a great summer and already have a strong carry over of international students into the fall. After quad day we will interject another large group of students into our community.