Chris & Tori

Our dream in moving to southern Spain was to open a community center where immigrants and refugees could come and experience help, hope and healing. We were amazed that such a place came to fruition in our first term because of the work of many before us and so many along side us. We were able to be a part of opening Diez42 (Ten42) which is a community center in a very needy part of our town. From this center we are able to be involved in the lives of somewhere between 130-150 families every week. Most of these families come to Diez42 for a food program that we host. We give out about 10,000 pounds of food every month. But also they come to see a friendly face. They come to share their dreams. They come to visit with their friends. They come to classes offered and special events hosted. We are amazed at the number of people from all over the world that walk through the doors of this place and the wealth of culture, need, gifts & abilities, insecurities and kindness that we get to see on a daily basis. We are blessed by them and we can only hope that we return a ray of blessing to them.