Bulgaria ’16 – Hospital

Our first morning started with breakfast at the cafe, then we walked forever up the hill to the hospital carrying two, 50 pound duffle bags of supplies. We lived!

We were greeted at the hospital by the children’s ward staff that consisted of two doctors and five nurses. They had a traditional greeting for us with bread, spice13509007_10208479819928005_6559551465244260687_ns and honey. It was very nice of them and they were great hosts at the hospital.

During the week we painted six patient rooms, a hallway, the entire children’s section, and the nursery. It was warm, but not too bad and we were excited to be able to work. The children’s ward chief doctor ate lunch with us, so we had some great visiting time with her.

At the close of the week, we were able to put furniture into some of the finished rooms! Everyone was very thrilled because the new supplies were purchased by The Hanna Project.  It was a joy to see the excitement of the doctors and nurses of this children’s unit. The exuberance was felt everywhere!

After long hours and lots of hard work, we finished our hospital project. The hospital director (the guy who runs the entire hospital) came and thanked us for all of our hard work. He said our enthusiasm and joy was contagious and it had the whole hospital talking. He said it had the doctors and nurses in the children’s ward smiling a lot!

We are thankful The Hanna Project team was able to provide:
~ paint for ten rooms, two hallways, one sitting area, and three entry ways, with brushes and rollers.
~ twenty-two twin size beds with mattresses, pillows, blankets and new sheets.
~ six new baby beds with mattresses, blankets and sheets.
~ twelve new tables.

It warmed our hearts as the nurses followed us down the hall thanking us and telling us goodbye until we were gone. It reminded us of leaving grandma’s house in another state and her waving good-bye as you drove down the street leaving.

Thirty hours ago, one taxi, four airplanes, one church van and one truck ride later, The Hanna Project team returned home!

–Darren Walker

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