This is Shymkent

It’s not third world, but a place where people can find hope.  This is the Hope Center in Shymkent, one of five in Kazakhstan and Tajikistan combined.  It’s grey, and new, but it’s growing. It’s not quite done yet, but we’re getting there.  If there’s a need, they meet it. If there’s a hole, they fill it.  If there’s a hurt, they heal it.   And it really is that simple.  We work together for the common good of spreading HOPE.  We are the body, and without the tangible works of the body, there is no opportunity for hope.  And that is the exact purpose of this building, this campus, and these people; to provide an opportunity for hope.  It’s not tradition, and it’s not theology.  So despite politics and oppression, despite evil and obstacles, despite hopelessness and despite everything, HOPE is here!!!!  — Tony THP team member

Watch the video about Shymkent.

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