Ivory Coast Medical ’17

The Hanna Project 2017 Ivory Coast team, returned to the USA on April 6. Chris, Curt, Clint, Eddie, Elizabeth, Drew, Jacob, Joan, Lynette, Michaelanne, Sam, Shane, and Sherwood each have their own stories to tell. But the Ivorian stories need to be told too.
The Ivorian Dr. who completed 16 surgeries, many other procedures and an emergency C-section of a baby girl, could not stop talking about our THP nurses! They were thanked for their cooperative spirit, mutual respect when teaching, learning and observing, plus their countless donations of scrubs and other medical supplies were appreciated.  More than 100+ consultations and medical needs were met by the Ivory staff and THP nurses.
Over 150 Ivorian families, in a secluded village, received Help, Hope, and Healing on our last day in Doropo. Wound care stations, consultations, written prescriptions, and Wound Care Kits where shared by our Ivorian and THP nurses. The smiles and thanks were unforgettable!

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