Help, Hope, Heal in Ecuador ’17

One of the main reasons The Hanna Project traveled to Ecuador was to provide medical care for remote villages in the area of Misahualli. The first day we went to Tres Hermanos. (see map in pictures above) During a steady rain, the group trudged through the mud to provide medical care for families in the rural jungle village. The medial team, made up of two doctors, a nurse, an x-ray technician, a paramedic and four nursing students, provided some basic health care to children and their parents.

The highlight of the day was visiting the village school and checking the students for various medical conditions. There were so many smiling, sweet faces of the children and some really thankful parents. We felt very blessed to be there and hope we provided some needed medical care. Dr. Ari was given permission to share the “Wordless Book” with the students in the class. It was so inspiring to watch her interact with the children and to pray with them.

If you donated wound care kits to The Hanna Project, we left several of them with the people in the villages. Along with the wound kits, we also received a lot of other donated medical supplies. The supplies are being used in the villages and given to the larger regional clinic in Misahualli. The medical team visited three other villages throughout the week, ministering to the medical and social needs of the indigenous people who live in the area.

The medical team saw more than 650 patients in four villages over the course of four days. The needs were great and the team did their best to help local health officials complete “well child” checks, provide vitamins for children and adults and treat minor ailments of people living in the villages.

Angela E. contributor

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