Construction in Ecuador ’17

There were a lot of long days in the rain, heat and humidity in the jungle. We were worn out. He gave us strength to carry out our mission. While we went to serve others, the team received many blessings.

One of the major reasons for our trip to Ecuador was to help the Antioch Christian Academy complete a new middle school.  Jungle Kids for Christ, the organization that operates the school and is a ministry partner with The Hanna Project, has grown the academy and there is a real need to provide additional education for the elementary school students who are already attending classes there. While the hope was, the school would have been open in August 2016, it appears part of the new school will open by August 2017 because of the help of THP and other groups.

Several men and women worked in the pouring rain and the extreme heat and humidity to complete the installation of a partial tin roof and the outdoor canopy for the cafeteria. Some helped build scaffolding that will be used to help construction workers get to high places in the buildings. The work was brutal and dirty, but everyone in our group rose to the challenge and did a fantastic job of assisting the local contractors, building the new structure.

Angela E. contributor

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