2015 THP Bulgaria

History in Svishtov

If Clock Towers could talk…the city of Svishtov Bulgaria has a rich and ancient history. The Danube River, the oldest marker of history, divides the city from the border country of Romania. The ancient Roman ruins of a “fortress” on the highest point of the city recalls many ancient battles and times gone by. This university city grows to a population of 60,000+ when school is in session and returns to a normal 40,000 in the summer months. Still only about 100 people Believe here. If Clock Towers could talk, maybe the one pictured would tell of feet from shoes that have come to bring Help, Hope and Healing to the city and people of Svishtov.

Monday was “get to know your country day” as THP Bulgaria traveled to the historic city of Tarnovo. This city was once fortified against its enemies with three towering hills, castles, and strongholds. This city is also the host to the famous Church of the 40 Martyrs and was the location for Bulgaria’s declaration of independence from the Ottoman Empire on September 22, 1908. The rich cultural history of Bulgaria as seen in the fortified walls and structures, along with almost 2,000-year-old Roman columns, provided much needed insight into the challenges our workers face on a daily basis as they share Truth in Bulgaria!

Y English?

The Hanna Project provides Help, Hope and Healing around the globe. THP Bulgaria is providing Help to a local school.  This summer, English students are able to practice and improve their English skills with native/natural English speakers from THP. Over 40 students are participating and the local television station interviewed the Bulgarian leader of the English camp and the American leader of The Hanna Project. After the students use their brains all morning to study English, they are invited back for sports in the evening.

Fun & Friendships

“We get to come back tomorrow!” That was the English sentence spoken with a Bulgarian accent by one of the students leaving the sports camp on Thursday. After receiving Help with English each morning, the students are invited back for “sports camp” while their parents attend a Family Life Seminar. The Help, quickly becomes Hope as many students are loved on by THP team members and develop FaceBook friendships for years to come. The fun and friendships are just another way The Hanna Project is touching Bulgaria with Help, Hope andHealing.

Healing for Homes

The Family Life seminar had about one dozen participants each evening. Parents were exposed to principles dealing with personal leadership skills following the theme, “Preparing YOUR CHILDREN for the World’s Challenges and helping YOUR CHILDREN become World Changers.” In short, World Challenges to World Changers, were expanded on in group discussions. Some new people from the community participated and others were interested in speaking more to the workers The Hanna Project partnered with in Svishtov, Bulgaria, this week.  We believe some Healing took place in many of the homes.


While the English and Sports Camps for the children of the city and the Family Life Seminars for the families were taking place, a youth center was transformed. Team members worked diligently to complete the drywall phase of this center for the youth of the community. There is still lots of work to be done, but it will be a nice center for the children and youth of Svishtov!

Closing Ceremonies

Saturday morning arrived with a cool rain for the close of the week’s activities, but no one’s spirits were dampened. The children from the English camp performed skits and songs in English for their parents to demonstrate some of the things they had learned during the week. English classes will be offered throughout the year for children, teens, and adults at the youth center location. THP Bulgaria planted lots of seeds this week and will look forward to seeing the growth of these seeds when The Hanna Project returns to Svishtov next year!

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