Kenya Food & Wells – 2017

  • Application Deadline: June 15, 2017
  • Cost Per Team Member: $2,950
  • Dates: September 8 - 20, 2017
  • Total Project Cost: $100,000

A small team will help the Samburu people in September.  This team will help by surveying and laying out a landing field for small airplanes, set up soccer fields for the youth in the area, and attend to medical needs.

The goal of the Well Project is to drill 5-8 wells in Barsalinga, Kenya (and surrounding areas over the next 3 years) in order to provide safe and accessible water to over 5,000 Samburu people. The Samburu are a traditional and primitive tribe located in the remote area of north-central Kenya. The area in which they live is quite arid, receiving 3-8 inches of rain per year. Wells will provide clean, accessible, and reliable water for the Samburu.  Having access to clean water, they will see a reduction in water-borne diseases. They will also be able to have better hygiene and avoid many skin issues that result from lack of water for bathing. In addition to these medical issues, they will also be able to save time by not having to walk 3.5 hours (one-way) to get water and having to dig in the dry river bed during periods of drought. Join the team here.

  • Water Issues
    • Using reproducible methods only produce about 12 ft of depth for wells
    • Water table about 75-125 ft in depth
    • Filters are a possibility, but sterile containers are difficult to secure
    • The river is about 3-4 hour trek each way with the use of donkeys
    • Sand dams that could contain water during 2 rainy seasons would help
    • Training on how to dig “family” wells


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