COVID-19 Relief Fund

COVID-19 has forced us at The Hanna Project to temporarily modify many of our activities and methods but it will not alter our mission to provide Help, Hope and Healing to those who need it most.  We may not be able to do all the things we normally do but we are committed to do everything we can to remain true to our purpose.  Because of the pandemic, there are now more people in need of Help, Hope and Healing than before.  It is imperative that we stay on mission.

THP has friends and partners around the world who are actively engaging people in their areas in desperate need of Help, Hope and Healing.  They have asked us to assist them in these efforts by providing financial resources.  For this reason, we have set up a COVID-19 Relief Fund to address some of these requests.  We invite you to partner with us in this much needed endeavor.

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