The Hanna Project needs YOU to help us with CONTAINERS for 2018!  Would you consider buying 10 cubic feet ($100), 20 cubic feet ($200), or even 50 cubic feet ($500) of space on one of our shipping CONTAINERS?

2017 was a good year for The Hanna Project!  We were able to be the hammer and nails, the Tylenol and Band-Aids, the wall board and lumber, and the extra hands and feet our missionaries and workers needed for strategic events. However, one of the best blessings is the fact that we have been invited back to each of the five countries where we brought Help, Hope, and Healing in 2017.  We are thankful for that confidence and the chance to make a difference in the lives of many people.

With these invitations to return, we also face some challenges for 2018.  In order to accomplish what we believe we are being asked to do, we need to do more in 2018.  We need to send shipping containers filled with medical supplies & equipment, building materials, machinery, education materials, and so much more.


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